City Holding Public Meetings to Develop North Station Traffic Plan

Many projects and developments taking place in the North Station and the Bulfinch Triangle, once completed, will have potentially more vehicle and pedestrian traffic within or in the adjacent area.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) have scheduled a series of public meetings kicking off the North Station Mobility Action Plan (NSAMAP) to develop a range of near, mid and long term, implementable solutions to improve the way people get around the North Station area including the Bulfinch Triangle.

One public meeting has already been held and several more will be scheduled in early August, mid-September, mid-October and early December.

Agendas include: definition of problems and development ideas, prioritization of ideas, turning ideas into concepts and a release of a draft action plan for review.

Eight private partners have contributed a total of $400,000 to support the city’s efforts to develop a solid plan to tackle this important issue.

North End/Waterfront groups, residents, organizations and the business community should make the time to attend one or more of these public meetings to ask questions or express opinions on the project impacts.

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