More Residents Need to Participate in North End Public Safety Meetings

Attendance at the monthly North End Public Safety meetings with Boston Police is dwindling.

Possibly, the low attendance is due to the decrease in Part-One crimes in the community creating a no interest situation or that the police are doing an outstanding job keeping crime down in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

However, District A-1 police are providing a forum for residents to voice their opinions and make suggestions up close and personal with law enforcement officers so they can resolve any problems in a timely manner.

Public safety is important to residents and the business community so there should be more participation in these meetings held in the Nazzaro Community Center at 6 PM the first Thursday of the month.

Waiting for something bad to happen and then complaining is counterproductive.

Captain Fong and his command are doing an excellent job of keeping the community safe but they can always use help from the neighborhood.

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