By Phil Orlandella


A new community center would be a great addition to the neighborhood

A study to find a site for the new community center, built from the ground up or in a renovated facility in the North End has been announced by the City of Boston Public Facilities Department is a great idea.

While the current neighborhood center on North Bennet Street is a great place for youth and teens to go for a wide-range of activities, there is actually a waiting list to be a part of the center and the terrific programs they offer on a yearly or seasonal basis.

It is without question the most used facility in the neighborhood that also includes community meetings, a senior lounge, special events and a well-used gym.

However, a new center with additional space and modernization, there is no telling how much more the center can expand.

A new community center would be a welcome facility. Currently Boston City Counselor Sal LaMattina is spearheading this movement with the Mayor’s Office.

Taste of the North End has become a tradition

Not only does the annual Taste of the North End present a great opportunity for participants to enjoy terrific cuisine from local restaurants, it contributes to numerous neighborhood non-profit agencies and organizations that benefit the community in several useful ways.

It’s obvious that the Taste of the North End, just like the neighborhood feasts, has become a tradition that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

Many volunteers, local eateries and wine distributors work hard to produce this major neighborhood benefit that always turns out to be highly successful.

Looks like new Eliot School will open in 2019

If things go as planned, the Eliot School (students in grades 2-4) will be housed at a new facility in the fall of 2019, after two years of construction, that will be overseen by the City of Boston Planning and Facilities Department (BPFD).

BPFD has been meeting with North End residents and elected officials to discuss design concept, plans for rebuilding the Innovative School at 585 Commercial Street with the capacity of 432 students.

Everything that involves building of the school from security to privacy was discussed at the latest meeting seem to be satisfactory to those in attendance.

Many residents asked BPFD representatives to address green space as part of the design and to consider an outside garden area.

Not a bad idea.

Baseball sponsors help provide youth activity

Once again, the four North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Major League teams are sponsored by the Regional Review, Saint Anthony’s Feast Society, Saint Agrippina Feast Society and Ted Tomasone.

The Junior League is sponsored by North End Against Drugs (NEAD) and the Boston Police Athletic Association.

These sponsors should be recognized for their generosity and for caring about the youth of the neighborhood.

Over 230 players have signed up and are participating in the baseball programs, thanks to sponsors and other donations.

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