Ruff Dog Show Fundraiser to be Held in the Gassy

One of the most active and successful North End non-profit volunteer organizations, Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff) which developed the dog park in DiFilippo Playground (Gassy), will conduct a benefit fundraiser in the park to raise funds for the care  and maintenance of the well use facility.

Ruff is working closely with the Boston Parks Department and donors to make the park permanent this spring and needs to raise money to make this work.

Members of the Association currently help clean the park and secure it every day and continuously remind dog owners of the community responsibilities through a newsletter, flyers, events and attending neighborhood meetings.

New park plans call for additional maintenance, lighting, a water supply, and the placement of dog turf that will drain and keep clean.

Ruff has been praised by many neighborhood organizations, elected officials and residents for the outstanding and dedicated job they do on a daily basis.

A Fun Dog Show will be held on Saturday, October 10 at 11am in the park.

            The Review encourages dog owners to register to participate in numerous categories of competition and residents to join in the fundraiser.

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