Mayor Files Ordinance Banning Replica Handguns in Public Spaces

By Phil Orlandella

So far this year, over 100 replica handguns in connection with crimes, have been recovered by the Boston Police Department.

Many replica guns on Boston streets look so authentic that residents and even police officers reportedly have a difficult time determining what is a real firearm and in imitation one.

Apparently, replica guns have become a big issue for police.

“We all too often encounter young people who are carrying these fake guns and even though they are fake, the public and police don’t know they are,” said Commissioner William Evans in a prepared statement.

“Our goal is to make the city the safest place it can be and this ordinance (filed by Mayor Martin Walsh) will help remind the public and residents of the dangers these replica guns present.”

The Commissioner was referring to an ordinance the Mayor has filed with the Boston City Council that would remove replica handguns in public spaces. If approved, these regulations will take effect immediately.

“This ordinance will send a strong message that guns of all kinds, including imitation firearms, make our community dangerous,” said Mayor Walsh in a press release.

Engaging parents and guardians as allies, the city hopes to remove replicas from the hands of the city’s youth.

If enacted, police will be allowed to confiscate these items and require the owners to pick them up in person at a district station.

Replicas taken from people under 18 years of age will prompt police to notify parents or guardians that a minor was found with a replica in a public space and will have the option to retrieve it. Police will not release a replica directly to a minor.

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