Area Crime Incidents Down; Police Report on Feast Fight, Burglary, Larcenies

By Matt Conti

Boston Police reported a 12% decrease in serious “Part 1” crime incidents this year through August. District A-1, including North End and Downtown, was down 24% versus last year. The crime updates were part of the September 3rd North End Public Safety Meeting hosted by Chair David Marx and BPD A-1 Captain Kenneth Fong, Sgt. James Chin and Officer Teddy Boyle. “Considering what is going on in cities around the country, Boston is doing pretty well,” said Captain Fong at the meeting. “We are concerned about gang-related shootings in some parts of the city, but have not seen that in the North End,” added Fong.

Among North End crime, police reported an aggravated assault incident during the feast weekend of August 30th. Officers were called to the Mass. General Hospital emergency room where an injured young male victim said he was beat-up by a group of about 20 other male suspects. The assault started by the Steriti skating rink on Commercial Street and eventually led to the area near Lewis Wharf. The victim is from Charlestown and said his known assailants were from East Boston and Malden. The fight was apparently the latest round in an ongoing dispute from feasts in years past. The victim is being treated for severe head trauma. Detectives are following up specifically with two suspects that caused the most injuries to the victim.

A burglary was also reported August 30th on Thacher Street. The victim said her apartment was broken into with missing jewelry, statue and property damage. She believes the suspect was her ex-boyfriend and was advised to seek a restraining order.

There were two recent arrests in the North End. On August 15th, police received a call from 27 Thacher Street (North End Golf Association) regarding a break-in. A door was damaged and an individual was arrested for destruction of property. The second incident was domestic in nature between a mother and daughter on Baker’s Alley.

Eight larcenies were reported in the past 30 days. These included bike thefts at Commercial Wharf, Unity Street and Sheafe Street. A handbag theft was reported at the feast along with stolen jewelry left on a Powers Court windowsill and a package theft on Sheafe Street.

At 230 Commercial Street, an individual was sleeping at a friend’s apartment when awoken by a strange dark-skinned male in the room. The suspect fled with a sum of money.

College students have moved back into the North End. Suffolk University will begin its loud party patrols this week, Thursdays through Saturdays. Residents should call 911 to report loud parties or other student-related incidents.

A resident at the meeting complained about kids destroying property at Langone and Stillman Street Parks. Specifically at Langone Park, he saw beer cans being thrown in the harbor and cited broken lights, trash-strewn bottles and nips. Police said they would increase patrols in the area.

Boston Police are preparing for the next Boston Calling festival on City Hall Plaza scheduled for the weekend of September 26th. Also, Hempfest is taking place that same weekend. Separately, large crowds are expected at the Primark opening in Downtown Crossing on September 10th.

North End Public Safety Chair, David Marx, reviewed police coverage with 2 shifts of walking officers on patrol overnight in the North End. Residents should call 911 to report incidents.

The next public safety meeting is scheduled for October 1st, 6:00 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome to attend.

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