Trash Day Reminder Program May Help the Situation

A new web and mobile apps, Trash Day, that will remind residents to put out their trash and recycle collection on time has been launched by the city will definitely have a positive impact on neighborhoods, especially the North End which believe it or not, still has the wrong date and time problem, resulting in dirty streets and possible health problems.

Trash Day just maybe what is needed to make it easier for residents to be aware of what the city’s policy is and when and how to comply, making for a much needed response from residents to help keep the community clean.

The program allows residents to decide when they want to get their Trash Day reminders which include helpful details. It will also make it easier to find out how to dispose of items like hazardous waste and recyclable material.

If this doesn’t work, then the city will have to send a sound truck throughout the neighborhood, the night before collections, to remind residents of their duties and responsibilities.

            Let’s not take a step backwards.

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