New TV series in the making

Secret meetings, a lawsuit and a possible counter lawsuit has all the ingredients for a new television pilot program or a remake of the movie Casino. It should be a comedy.

The pilot should be a series of secret meetings by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Off course the meetings will be bugged.

Spinning the wheel will result in a program called Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Bernie Madoff.

The series then switches its way into the court room to decide on Mayor Martin Walsh vs Casino mogul Steve Wynn. Judge Roy Bean will oversee the trial for a bag full of casino chips, free food and a hotel room, plus.

Wynn will be represented by an attorney from “Whales” status, while the city will have to raise enough taxes to afford a comparable lawyer.

A three person jury will be assigned to the case… Moe, Larry and Curly. Pee Wee Herman will be the alternate juror.

Most likely there will be an appeal of any decision, setting the stage for a sequel.

Sounds like a job for Ray Donovan.

Only discussion on the subject should be allowed

What does having good food, being a good neighbor, cleaning the neighborhood, supporting community agencies and/or non-profit organizations, etc. have to do with someone seeking to secure a license or add a four story addition to a building? Nothing!

Too much time is wasted on trivial discussions that have nothing to do with what is being proposed at community meetings.

As a matter of fact, most of the smoozing by supportive residents is not relevant to the subject matter.

While it’s nice to stand up and support a friend or neighbor attempting to get their plans approved by the neighborhood, it has become obvious that most of it, not all of these supporters are staged because they are never seen at any other meeting supporting anything.

Having terrific lasagna or great muffins simply has no validity on decisions being made.

Only, and only the subject matters should be discussed by anyone.

How something will affect the neighborhood is much more important than the customer service or he/she is a nice person.

Cowards leave message on Columbus Statue

Defacing the Waterfront statue of the great explorer Christopher Columbus with a racial message was totally uncalled for and didn’t generate any positive support.

Placing a political message of this kind on this statue or any of the statue of notables is not a way to express a point of view. There’s probably more to come and that would be unfortunate.

The person (s) responsible for this negative act are cowards hiding behind some paint and a brush.

That’s why they are not bragging about this dumb act that wasn’t received well.

North End Children’s Center closing

North End Children’s Center which has been an important part of the community and of the North End Waterfront Health since 1999 will be closing.

Unfortunately due to a decreased preschool enrollment the Center will be closing this coming September, no longer offering this service to families in the North End and surrounding communities.

            The Center’s staff has been dedicated to the children over the years, providing a viable program that will be missed.

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