Notifying Police of Crimes Is Valuable Information

While Boston Police say every bit of information is crucial in the fight against crime, a recent study indicates that the Crime Stopper’s Hotline that allows anonymous callers and text messages to police has only led to a handful of arrests between 2012 and 2014.

Over the past ten years, Boston Police have been promoting Crime Stoppers, but based on the study, only a handful of arrests have been made and the calls and texts have dropped drastically.

Many times callers are reporting information related to quality of life or other neighborhood issues according to police.

Reportedly, tips of all kinds have tapered off in recent years, from a high of 989 total tips in 2008 to 318 last year, a 65 percent drop.

Part One Crime has steadily declined according to police. During the month of April, there were no Part One Crimes reported in the North End.

Police indicated that through community policing, people in the neighborhood are more comfortable reaching out in other ways other than anonymously.

The successful District A-1 Boston Police monthly Public Safety community meeting in the North End is a good example of responsible interaction between law enforcement and residents.

Despite less calls and arrests, Crime Stoppers is still a valuable tool for police to take immediate action in the fight against crime.

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