Residents Need to Comment on North Street Bridge Project

Boston Public Works (BPW) has and will continue to conduct  neighborhood public meetings regarding the design and renovations of the North Washington Street Bridge, a four-year construction project that could begin in late 2016 or early 2017.

Residents who have yet to attend one of these meetings need to make it their business to find the time to learn about this multi-million project that will have an impact on their community.

There is no question, the project will happen one way or another and the time has come for the community to voice an opinion on the project as a whole.

BPD is providing every opportunity for residents to express concerns relating to any part of the project, from A to Z and make suggestions.

            Before the bridge project design and renovation plans are cast in stone, the community needs to voice their opinion on the bridge that was built in 1898, and needs to be prepared when the work begins.

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