BRA Changes Benefit Communities

Big changes and positive initiatives have taken place at the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) by Mayor Martin J. Walsh and his administration over the past year.

                These major changes have already made a significant difference for Boston’s neighborhoods, especially in urban planning and economic development, according to information provided by the Mayor’s office.

                They also created a collaborative effort with outside agencies and organizations to address poverty and income inequality in the city with a goal of having effective help-building strategies for residents.

                Reforms at the BRA will continue this year with the hiring of a consultant to undertake a review of the Planning Division, that will make recommendations to improve workflow, predictability and transparency in the city’s planning process.

                A report is due to be released this coming spring by the Mayor.

                A new wave of leadership was ushered into the authority by the Mayor and Director Golden.

                Newly appointed senior positions include the Chief of Staff, Director of Development Review and Policy, General Council, Director of Communications, Director of the Office Jobs and Community Services Control, a Controller and a Compliance Program Manager.

                The agency has also implemented several new policies and is in the process of creating others to improve transparency and accountability.

                Modernizing systems and investing in technology to support the agency’s operation is wise and continues to be a top priority.

                Revising the BRA, thus far, has proven to be just what the authority needed. New goals, ideas and staff, has made a real difference in the BRA which is the city’s urban planning and economic development agency that works in partnership with the community to plan Boston’s future while respecting its past.

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