North End Composting Pilot Program Labeled a Success

A pilot composting program, Project Oscar, held in the North End from September to November was labeled as a success by Leah Bamberger, a member of Greenovate Boston Group.

Speaking at last month’s North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting, Bamberger noted the pilot program collected 1,500 pounds of food waste in the neighborhood in just nine weeks.

¬†She told residents, “That’s a lot of credit to you guys and the folks who participated and who shows that works.”

Working with Public Works to scale the project, the city is now looking to expand the program to other neighborhoods.

A composting bin was set up in Polcari Playground located between Prince and North Bennet Streets, and is continuing this winter.

She encourage residents to continue to drop off their compostable waste at the playground near the Nazzaro Community Center.

Advice was given to those at the meeting on how to keep food scraps, so they won’t smell. They claimed use in bio bags, which are biodegradable, are perfect for storing food scraps, as well as tupperware containers, storing scraps in a fridge or freezer also keeps out the smell.

Newer bins are being looked for that hopefully are a little bit easier to operate, according to be Bamberger.

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