Mayor Prepared City for Deep Freeze

Last week’s bitter cold weather was managed well by the City of Boston as Mayor Martin J. Walsh did everything possible to make things safe for residents during the cold blast of zero to four degrees weather.

                He encouraged the elderly, homeless and others to take precautions with the cold weather and wind chill factors and remain vigilant in keeping warm and avoid hypothermia or frostbite which quickly sets in during freezing temperatures.

                The Mayor made sure a city-wide network of emergency shelters, outreach providers, city agencies and first responders were prepared to assist anyone in need during these dangerous conditions.

                Monitoring the situation through the extremely frigid conditions helped keep Bostonians remain safe as possible.

                Spreading the warning through a wide-range of communication clearly made people very aware of the situation and things to do to be out of harms way.

                The Mayor asked each and every resident to look after their neighbors as a precaution.

                The city set up shelters so individuals could receive resources and a warm bed during this potential crisis.

                The Mayor reminded tenants and property owner of heating requirements that will help make a real difference during these trying times.

                Through the efforts of the Mayor and his administration the City of Boston was adequately prepared for the deep freeze.

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