Ted Tomasone never forgets his roots

Once again, the Regional Review commands former North End resident Robert “Ted”, Tomasone for providing special activities in the community throughout the year.

He coordinated the annual North End Christmas luncheon that benefits needy residents, families and seniors during the special season which were total successes.

He also spearheaded the annual North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Christmas Parade that attracted hundreds of participants that saw Santa Claus arrived by helicopter at Puopolo Park.

Ted is also actively involved in many of the community’s endeavors, programs and activities to numerous to mention.

Ted, the Clerk Magistrate of Somerville District Court, has never forgotten his North End roots, which are deeply embedded in the neighborhood.

Kubiak honored by WECA

North End resident David Kubiak has been named as a life-time honorary member of the West End Civic Association (WECA) for his achievements encouraging the cooperation among neighborhood associations to work towards common goals concerning the environmental and infrastructure.

WECA’s gesture was a wise one, as Kubiak has been extremely active attempting to get many organizations and associations on the same page which directly affects neighborhoods, including the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) of which he is an active member and served on several committees.

Kubiak, has worked hard to protect the community he resides in, as well as nearby neighborhoods. The recognition by WECA was well deserved.

LaMattina favors compensation increase

Boston City Counselor Sal LaMattina, whose district includes the North End/Waterfront, proved his willingness to support low-income residents, the elderly and those with disabilities when he voted to double the amount of compensation offered to tenants when their units become converted to condominiums forcing them to relocate to new housing.

The ordinance, signed by the Mayor, is the first increase in ten years, bumping up the stipend from $6,000 to $10,000, doubling the amount of relocation compensation.

Councilor LaMattina continues to support the little guy.

A banner year at the N.E. Library

Numerous successful educational programs, activities and events have been available at the North End Library over the past year.

            Local residents of all ages had the opportunity to participate in many programs of interest and the new year promises to be even bigger and better, especially with the assistance of the Friends of the North End Library who do an outstanding job making the library a great place to visit.

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