NEWNC Supports all Five Agenda Items

RR1Five agenda items were supported by the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) at last week’s public
meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.
Amy Hand and Leslie Horn of RUFF presented plans for a three-month trial program for a three level dog park in Polcari
Playground (Gassy) beginning this May, June and July from dawn until dusk.
At the request of City Hall and financial support from the Stanton Foundation the community group prepared plans for an
overdue dog park with the levels fenced-off and locked to avoid the alleged use of the area being used for drugs and
alcohol use during the evening hours.
The second level will be used for large dogs, with the other levels used for smaller dogs. The city will help maintain the
area and will have dispensaries for dog waste that will be placed in both areas.
RUFF has also asked the City to power wash the area two or three times a month during the pilot program. They have
also met with abutters and other residents to explain the program and there seems to be no opposition. Flyers were also
distributed in the immediate area. NEWRA voted 8-0 to support the three-month program.
The neighborhood elected board voted 7-1 to support a proposal by Normandy Properties and Harbinger Development
to build the Haymarket Hotel at 11 North Street.
Plans included a 10 story, 225 room hotel with 25,000 square feet of retail space on Parcel 9 on the Greenway. VPNE Parking Solutions, 181-183 North Washington Street received support (8-0) by the Council to renew their existing
license to park 7 vehicles for a fee at the site of a former gas station across from Filippo’s Restaurant. The lot is usually
used for TD Garden events.
The Council voted 8-0 on a request for a chance of legal occupancy at 59-61 Endicott Street from six residential units
and store to eight residential units. The work was completed two years ago, so no work needs to be done. North End
Attorney Daniel Toscano represented the applicant.
In a much closer vote, the Council voted 5-3 to support a proposal by 204 Hanover Street LLC to relocate Pomodaro
Restaurant to 204 Hanover Street.
The Italian Restaurant will have 39 seats, 31 inside the eatery and 8 seats on the property outside but not on the
sidewalk. Hours of operation will be seven days a week with a closing time of 11pm. The other two floors will be used for an
office space or a residential unit.
A lawyer for the owner of 206 Hanover Street presented a petition with about one hundred signatures opposing the
restaurant and the use of public access space, currently gated off. He posed other reasons like noise, lines at the
restaurant and the dining area exposed to the elements.
The owners of the eatery also had a petition with about a hundred signatures supporting the proposal.
The access gate area has a signposted private property, which it is not, and a locked gate which prohibits emergency
access by the fire department. The applicant was represented by North End Attorney William Ferullo.
A request by 7-Eleven, 464 Hanover Street to remove the existing outdoor signage and replace it with new signage
similar to what was installed at the other Hanover Street location was supported 8-0 by the Council.
Executive Director Jesse Brackonbury of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy reported that nothing major was
happening at this time. He did however, introduced the two Park Rangers patrolling the Greenway. Currently they are
assigned to public safety duties and acting as ambassadors to the popular public area.
One Ranger dispelled statements made by a resident that dogs were running wild unleashed in the area.
Boston Department of Transportation Interim Director James E. Gillooly explained that there is still a parking challenge in
the North End with intense competition for curb space. He noted that the City has issued 3406 resident stickers but did not
know how many legal spaces existed in the North End. He also noted the city is working on implementing apps to pay for
parking tickets and paying for parking meters by cell phone.
While a resident can request a handicap parking spot, it is not just for the requester, anyone with handicap plates or
plaque can park in these spots.
The next NEWNC monthly meeting will be held on Monday, December 8 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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