Police Arrest Suspect in North End Alleged Indecent Assault

Boston Police responded immediately to a 911 call from a female alleging she was the victim of an indecent assault early Saturday morning at 2:45am in the quite area of Tileston and Wiggin Streets in the North End.

The victim was apparently walking home when she noticed an unknown individual who she described to police as a Hispanic male in his early 30s, approximately 5’7” to 5’ 9” tall, stocky built, with black spiked hair, wearing a white zip-up jacket, blue jeans and camouflage boots, walking behind her.

Reportedly, when she turned to acknowledge the suspect, a brief conversation ensued before the suspect grabbed the victim (a North End resident) in an indecent manner and then ran away.

According to the victim, the suspect spoke what she believed to be a Hispanic accent.

Based on the victim’s description, Boston Police were able to apprehend and arrest the suspect, Nieto Wagner, 36 of Fall River, who was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Monday.

A few residents told the Review they “were pleased with the fast action of the police in capturing the suspect”.

One resident noted, “There is not much violence around here and it’s a pretty safe place to live.”

The area where the incident occurred “is normally quite and safe” according to other residents.

Late night, early morning activities have been a major problem in the North End for several years.


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