NEWRA Opposes Extended Closing Hours

A request by the Mendoza family to amend the description of the licensed premises at 67-69 Prince Street was supported by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at their October monthly meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

Modica’s Restaurant plans to change 67 Prince Street from one room on the first floor with kitchen and storage in the rear to two rooms at 67-69 Prince Street with kitchen on the first floor and prep kitchen and storage in the basement.

The applicant has leased the adjacent property at 69 Prince Street to expand their present restaurant at 67 Prince Street.

The Licensing Board for the City of Boston will vote on the request.

NEWRA while voting to support a request by Sushi Rock, 78-80 Salem Street to transfer the existent Pulcinella Mozzarella Bar, Inc. CV 7 Day Malt, Wine with Liqueurs License to Sushi Rock, the neighborhood group opposed the change of closing hour from 11pm 7 days a week to 12:30pm on weekends.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, November 13 at 6pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.


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