Give Veterans a Shot at Working

Providing summer jobs in the building trades for gang members in partnership with the unions has many drawbacks despite all the rhetoric put forth by Mayor Martin Walsh.

“Operation Exit” which is designed to eventually place these known gang members into apprenticeships in the building trades will not deter crime as the Mayor and his Police Commissioner contend.

Providing the bad guys a summer job that could turn into an apprenticeship and a real full time job is farfetched.

Reducing crime or taking hoodlums off the streets by handing these undesirables something that’s destined to fail is totally out of line.

Maybe the Mayor should think about helping out law abiding Bostonians that could take advantage of the opportunity to work in the building trades, especially veterans when they return home from the battle lines.

Or what about the 400 hundred Boston homeless veterans that certainly can use a chance to get back on their feet.

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