Representative Michlewitz Opposes 4am Closure Policy

Mayor Martin Walsh’s attempt to have a 4am closure license for restaurants and bars in certain areas of Boston was supported in the Senate but defeated in the House.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz along with some colleagues stopped the bill in its track. He also noted that future discussions on this issue was needed.

Michlewitz who represents the North End and other neighborhoods that could be eventually affected by a 4am closure, felt the policy would negatively affect many communities.

Many community residents are praising Representative Michlewitz for his action to stop the policy which they think will include the North End in time.

Having a 4am bar and restaurant closing hour will not make Boston a world-class city.

While it would generate much-needed revenue for the city, it will establish many other problems that the city is having trouble controlling at this time.

Kudos to Representative Michlewitz for his actions to help preserve the neighborhoods he represents.

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