A Plan Is Needed to Develop New Revenue for the City

Pointing a finger or yelling and screaming at Boston Police for whatever reason is not the answer to resolving any crime related problem.

The safest neighborhood in Boston has always been the North End and based on facts and figures, it continues to be.

Residents want more police in the neighborhood, especially on weekends. So does every other neighborhood in Boston.

There is simply not enough funding in the city’s budget to accommodate these requests.

If a casino was built in Boston, maybe there would have been enough new revenue to increase police manpower but that’s gone now.

There is no question that the Boston Police Department is doing everything possible to combat crime throughout the city.

New sources of revenue is the only way to improve police and other city services. That could include raising taxes.

A plan needs to be developed to secure additional revenue for the immediate and long range financial status of the City of Boston.

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