Residents Have to Be Involved Before Final Decisions Are Made

It was nice for city planners to attend neighborhood meetings to advise residents of their  plans to make the neighborhood a bike route.

The problem is, the plans were basically cast in stone before they were revealed to residents.

Many residents did not like the bike plans asking “who said we want this in our community”. (No one asked us). Other residents were not happy with being advised of this $23 million plan after the fact.

It’s obvious that if the city didn’t use the federal funds for this or other projects, they would lose the funding.

The City never produced any kind of document that clearly indicated the North End/Waterfront community was in favor of any or all of these bike paths, they just did it with no input from the neighborhood.

Producing final plans for any projects or developments relating to the community is uncalled for.

Residents and the business community should be involved on a first hand basis before things are cast in stone.

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