Police Need Better Equipment to Control Life Threatening Situations

Plans to arm some Boston Police with military style rifles continues to be a controversial issue but could be resolved in some manner by Mayor Marty Walsh and police Commissioner William Evans.

The Commissioner is still seeking the green light from the Mayor to purchase 33 AR-15 rifles at a cost of $2500 each to be used under unusual situations.

Walsh had nixed the proposal but said he “could be convinced otherwise” by Commissioner Evans who needs to explain to the Mayor why these rifles are needed.

The Mayor seems to be leaning toward the purchase when he recently said, “I’m not going to have our police in a situation not on an equal basis where they’re out gunned by somebody.”

The Regional Review agrees, conditionally, with the purchase of these weapons but we also agree with the Mayor that “Boston shouldn’t resemble a war zone with AR-15s in every patrol car in every sector.”

Currently, the Commissioner’s plans are in a holding pattern but he still feels there is a need for military style rifles under extraordinary conditions.

Having under armed police is not only a danger to them, it could be dangerous for the general public.

Let police lock and load and be able to control life threatening situations.

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