Flaherty Hires North End Liaison

Maria Lanza and Councillor Michael Flaherty

Maria Lanza and Councillor Michael Flaherty

North End resident Maria Lanza has been hired by Boston City Councillor Michael Flaherty as a Community and Constituent Service Liaison.

“I am excited to have a North End resident as part of my staff,” Councillor Flaherty said. “Maria’s work ethic and passion for helping people particularly her neighbors in the North End is what convinced me that she was a perfect fit to represent my City Council Office in neighborhoods across the city,” he added.

“Maria is conscientious and very civic minded, and her personality exudes North End pride,” the Councillor noted.

Maria will be responsible for keeping a relationship between Councillor Flaherty’s Office in Wards 1-5.

“I will be attending community events and keeping relationships with people all of the neighborhoods,” Maria said.

Maria is also an elected member of the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council.

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