Just Dial 911 for Help!

Boston Police need cooperation and assistance to make the neighborhood safe place to live and work in.

Residents can help police battle crime in the North End/Waterfront community by dialing 911 whenever a crime is witnessed that disturbs the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

Calling 911 can also save a life, report a fire and other circumstances such as: loud parties, groups congregating on the streets causing a disturbance, prostitutes working in the neighborhood or just to file a police report related to unusual activity occurring in the neighborhood.

Dialing 911 enhances the system by displaying the telephone number and the location the call comes from.

The system was established to better protect callers by ensuring an emergency response even if the caller is unable to speak or doesn’t know the location they are calling from.

This information is considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the emergency responders.

Hanging up the phone before talking to the operator, the call still goes through and the 911 operator will call back to make sure everything is okay and that no one forced the caller to hang up.

The people at 911 want to assist during an emergency and hope their services are not required but if you do…just dial 911 for help.

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