Residents Call for Trash Time Change

Toni Gilardi presents a petition to Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

Toni Gilardi presents a petition to Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

North End/Waterfront residents are clearly indicating that a change in the neighborhood’s trash system needs to be changed.

Last week a petition, with almost 800 signatures of local residents, was presented to Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina by North End resident and business owner Toni Gilardi calling for a change in the time household trash can be placed out for collection.

The petition suggests that the City of Boston change the time household trash can be placed out. Currently, trash is placed out after 5pm the day before collection. The change would make residents place their trash out after 6am on the day of collection. The three days of collection would not be altered.

The suggested time change is not new to the Councilor who on several occasions attempted to convince residents to buy into this idea over the years.

LaMattina has been working closely with residents since he took office about seven years ago to address and correct the trash and litter issue in the North End and until now has met with resistance.

“I want to commend Toni and other residents for their efforts on the trash issue,” the Councilor said.

Councilor LaMattina plans to file an order for a public hearing at the next City Council meeting on behalf of those who signed the petition.

“I’m hoping, that with the trash on the streets for only three hours instead of fourteen hours, we should see immediate improvements,” the Councilor said. He also urges residents to attend the public hearing which he plans to hold in December.

“We had an overwhelming positive response from the North End and Waterfront residents. Residents agree something needs to be done and fast,” Gilardi said. “Our streets are littered with debris from garbage bags sitting out overnight exposed to trash pickers, rodents and weather. We understand this is just the first step but to do nothing would be criminal,” she added.

“We (residents) are heading toward a full blown health crisis if we do not take this opportunity to fix a surmounting and pressing issue,” Gilardi noted.

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