Captain Lee, Sergeant Lema and Officer Boyle Should Be Commended

District A-1 Boston Police Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Thomas Lema and Officer Ted Boyle do an admirable job working with North End/Waterfront residents and the business community making the neighborhood the safest area in the City of Boston.

Official reports indicated the neighborhood crime rate (part 1) have dropped 22 percent since the beginning of the year due to the work of these law officials.

While some quality of life issues still remain, Captain Lee and his staff are attempting to correct these problems. A loud noise detail is assigned to the area each weekend to respond to these issues.

The loud noise from motorcycles has been addressed by the police and has since disseminated considerably. Loud apartment and rooftop parties have lessened over the warmer months and rowdy situations stemming from late night early morning crowds exiting from bars, lounges, cafes and restaurants is slowly decreasing.

Quality of life issues have become the most common complaints raised by the neighborhood and the Captain and his command are working to control the situation by concentrating manpower in certain areas.

Having too many businesses in and around the community makes it difficult for police to respond to every single problem in a timely manner, but they are doing the best they can under these conditions. It’s simply impossible to be everywhere at the same time.

North End/Waterfront residents can rest assure that District A-1 Boston Police are making every attempt to deal with problems that could arise as soon as possible.

Calling 911 and reporting problems, issues and concerns is the best way to obtain police assistance. Providing police with as much information as possible when calling 911 is extremely important.

There is no question that Captain Lee, Sergeant Lema and Officer Boyle are working with the community to combat crime in the area on a daily basis and they should be commended for the outstanding job they do.

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