‘Moving In’ the North End Went Smoothly

Over the Labor Day weekend, hundreds of college students moved into the North End with virtually no problems.

No parking signs designating areas for moving vehicles to park and unload were placed in plenty of time, giving residents and visitors ample time relating to the movement restrictions.

The City of Boston Department of Public Works did an admirable job of roaming the neighborhood streets picking up whatever needed to be trashed.

This time of year can be stressful for both residents, the business community and the students themselves.

Some residents and business owners were out in the street welcoming their new neighbors.

In the past, college students moving into the community was a disaster, especially when moving vehicles blocked the streets for a very long time and debris was left all over the community.

This did not happen this year due to the cooperation of residents, the business community and the outstanding job the city did coordinating the two days of moving into the neighborhood.

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