Residents Balk at Franchise

There seems to be a storm brewing in the North End relating to franchise chains re-occupying vacant local stores.

The possibility of a second 7-Eleven franchise has prompted a petition opposing the Hanover Street opening at the site currently occupied by the White Hen Pantry The other 7-Eleven store is also located on Hanover Street.

Several years ago, the community banded together and prevented a Dunkin’ Donuts from opening on Hanover Street.

It’s obviously clear, the North End has changed drastically over the years both business wise and an overwhelming population change.

Residents claim more franchises will completely change the atmosphere and the quality of life in the neighborhood even further.

Other neighborhoods have established guidelines to deal with this kind of situation and it appears they have become successful tools to combat the over development of their communities.

Maybe, just maybe, NEWRA, NEWNC and the North End Chamber of Commerce should be working together with elected officials to establish a format that will spell things out crystal clear.

This message must be conveyed to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Board of Appeal and the Licensing Board.

While the Review is not opposed to any requests and/or proposals for the North End, we however, agree that residents have the right to be advised and the opportunity to be heard.

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