Parents Need to Talk to Teens Regarding Drinking

It’s vital that parents and teens sit down and talk about the risks of drinking.

Discussing this topic with teens can be challenging, but being too strict could cause them to rebel.

Open communications in a positive manner is a great way to start and makes it easier to come back to the topic of alcohol abuse in the future.

Besides alcohol consumption being illegal for people under 21, drinking can present special risks for teens.

The risks include: damage to teens developing brains, lead to poor choices about sex, lead to violence and causing school problems, not to mention the dangers of drinking and driving.

Obviously, parents do not want their teens to drink and rightly so. Nothing good comes from drinking alcohol and its affect on families can be devastating.

There is currently a teen drinking problem in every neighborhood. Could one of these teens be your son or daughter?

It’s important to find out and attempt to work things out before it is too late to stop the problem without some sort of professional assistance.

Help keep your teen safe. Talk to them about the dangers of drinking alcohol. Teach them how to handle drinking situations that may come up. “Just Say No” is not enough, there is much more to it.

Keep in mind that drinking can possibly lead to taking drugs but that’s another story.

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