MassDOT Covered All the Basics

Several neighborhood meetings were conducted by MassDOT regarding badly needed repairs to its Tunnel Vent Building on North Street.

At these public meetings, MassDOT clearly spelled out the entire scope of the project from start to finish with North End residents noting for safety reasons this is a must do project.

MassDOT claims they will continue to keep the neighborhood informed of the project through flyers, signage, emails and community newspapers. An onsite person will also be assigned to handle any questions or to resolve problems.

MassDOT, at least for this major North End project, has done an admirable job of involving the neighborhood in the project and its potential impacts which are expected to be minimal.

Placing all the facts on the table relating to major projects within a community is important for all parties involved.

MassDOT has certainly accomplished this and it appears all the basic concerns have been addressed.

In addition, as promised, the state agency plans to replace the North Street tot lot which was well used by the community schools and residents on a regular basis.

MassDOT handled this one perfectly.

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