State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Sets Legislative Agenda for New Session

State RepresentativeAaron Michlewitz

State Representative
Aaron Michlewitz

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz set his legislative agenda for the new session, filing over 20 bills on various issues ranging from the Election Laws reform, gun control, increasing safety standards for highway tunnels, and eliminating unnecessary fees imposed on Boston residents.

“These pieces of legislation are reflective of a wide variety of diverse issues that are important both to the district and the Commonwealth as a whole.” Said Representative Michlewitz. “Over the past year these are some of the most pressing issues that residents have brought to my attention, and I believe that we have taken those concerns and found positive solutions to them.”

Among Michlewitz’s agenda are a series of bills dealing with election reforms, highlighted by a municipal option for early voting during state elections, election audits to verify the machine count results, pre-registration for 16 & 17 year olds, and making permanent the printing of bilingual ballots for state and federal elections in Boston.

“Having had the privilege of chairing the House committee on Election Laws for the last year I have grown to appreciate the need for some common sense reforms in out electoral system.” Added Michlewitz.

Other proposals include having the state keep a more efficient record of those convicted of gun offenses, mandating that privately owned highway tunnels have adequate insurance, and exempting Boston and Cambridge residents from paying car rental surcharges.

The Massachusetts Legislature began the 2013-2014 Legislative Session earlier this month. In the coming weeks and months legislation will be given committee assignments, and public hearing dates. If anyone has further questions on the specifics of these or other pieces of legislation or the legislative process, please contact Representative Michlewitz at 617-722-2400 or [email protected] .

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