Committee Has Concerns on Some Proposals

NEWRA Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee is now under the understanding that the owner of 7 Baldwin Place, Dr. Anthony Bova and the abutter on Noyes Place, Maryanne D’Amato are expected to discuss the development plans that affect the abutter’s property.

When NEWRA was informed that the owner of 7 Baldwin Place had not in fact made any attempt to contact the abutter they sent a letter to the Board of Appeal rescinding their support for Dr. Bova’s plans.

The owner would like to change the legal occupancy of the building from 5 residential units to 6 residential apartments adding a one-story addition to the building not to exceed 55 feet.

Two requests were not made available to NEWRA for review and approval.

Pulcinella Mozzarella Bar, Inc., 78-80 Salem Street to add liqueurs to its current license and North Bennet Street School, 150 North Street to subdivide the parcel, combine buildings and change the legal occupancy from officers to a vocational school and training center plus the addition of two stories to the structure.

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