Bicycling Boston; Becoming the Green and Healthy Thing to Do

The announcement last week by Mayor Menino that the city is allowing the addition of another 400 Hubway bicycles at an additional number of stops in more than several neighborhoods.

The additional bicycles and stands will make it easier and easier for tourists and residents and for visitors to Boston who want to bike the city to do so.

Hubway is a Boston bike sharing system introduced last year. Hubway has 60 stations and now with the added stations, a total of 1000 bicycles and an eye toward expanding into all of Boston’s neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

Hubway provides an accessible and green transit option. Rent a bike near your home, office or hotel and then pedal your way to the next meeting, errand, historical tour or to visit family and friends.

Hubway has an annual, 3-Day or 24-hour membership and access fleet when you want it, 3 seasons a year. During the winter months, the system shuts down).

At the same time Hubway has introduced bicycles for rent at various locations, the city is now busy creating bicycle paths on major city streets to accommodate the many bicyclists using pedal power to get around.

This entire venture is yet another example of the completely contemporary outlook the Menino Administration has when it comes to being thoroughly modern and on the cutting edge.

It also indicates the city’s broader interest in reducing emissions and in creating more efficient and healthy venues when it comes to getting around our neighborhoods.

Beacon Hill, Back Bay and the North End are already well served by Hubway – and all those neighborhoods bicycles make for easier maneuvering than automobiles.

The mayor announced last week that Charlestown will shortly have its own Hubway stop and on and on.

Ten years ago, even five years ago it would have been impossible to imagine such a transportation venue as bicycles becoming a mainstream item in Boston.

But it has.

If only the weather cooperated here so this could be a year round service!

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