Takeout/Valet Parking Supported by NEWRA

A request by David Veo who has filed an application with the Boston Board of Appeal to allow takeout service associated with his plans for a new Sandwich Shop (no seating) in the first floor retail space at 188 North Street received a 17-1 vote of support by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association at their monthly meeting.

Veo noted his hours of operation will be 10am-8pm and there is a possibility of a seasonal operation, closing the months of November, December and January. He also plans to move the front of the new shop, which has not been named yet, six to seven feet in from the side way to prevent pedestrian passage problems.

Barrels will be placed in the front of the store for trash collection and the new owner will clean-up the area in front of the Sandwich Shop.

Depending on City requirement, a counter could be placed in the store for additional customer service.

Lucca Restaurant, 226 Hanover Street also received NEWRA support (12-6) for an application with the Boston Transportation Department for a valet permit involving two non-residential parking spaces in front of the place of business.

Lucca currently has a shared valet parking agreement with Fiore’s Restaurant, but the owner expressed the need for their own spaces.

The owner claimed that having two spaces of their own will help elevate some of the traffic problems like double-parking, customers making one or two u-turns and general congestion.

The owners told the Association valet parking will take place 8pm-midnight and adding two spots will not increase traffic numbers. They also noted that they plan to operate a good valet parking service that will not overly affect the neighborhood.

Boston Location Manager Luke Ramsey presented plans for filming to take place in the North End on Sheafe Street on Saturday, March 24 between 7am-7pm. See Regional Review article or log onto www.northendwaterfront.com for more details.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, April 12 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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