The Patriots Super Bowl Bound

The New England Patriots pulled off a classic victory Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

In a skin of their teeth victory following one of the team’s less than stellar performances, they beat the Baltimore Ravens in a thriller that came down to field goal kick the Ravens missed with 11 seconds remaining in the game.

Sporting victories are a bit like hotly contested elections.

A close election can be won by a single vote.

A close football game can separate going to the Super Bowl from going home with a loss by a field goal – and that’s exactly what happened Sunday.

The bookmakers said it would be close but still, if you bet on the Patriots, they needed to win by 7 ½ points or you lost your bet.

Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady apologized for his poor play.

“In two weeks I’ll be back and I hope to be much better than I was today,” he said Sunday.

Good luck to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

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