Biking the North End Closer to Reality

Within a few months, the city will be making public plans for a bike lane from Atlantic Avenue to Hull Street. In a way, this is a virtual revolution that is destined to change driving habits and the persona of the North End itself.

While Atlantic Avenue to Hull Street by itself isn’t inclusive of the entire North End, it is, however, a beginning.

For residents and tourists to be able to bicycle the North End safely and in their own lane, marks an enormous moment in the life and times of this very crowded neighborhood.

Ultimately, as odd as it may seem, the entirety of the North End should be made pedestrian safe as well as bicyclist safe.

The congestion caused by automobiles as well as the air pollution, will not be allowed to go on unfettered very long into this century.

The time will come, and this time is coming closer everyday, when the North End will again be a place above all to walk and to enjoy rather than an overcrowded parking lot for cars with their owners unable to find a parking space for them.

The North End remains this city’s most unique neighborhood.

The new bicycle lane that is coming insures that image and in fact takes it a step further.

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