North End Safety at an All Time High Considering Crowds

The Boston Police statistical report on crime in the North End as reported in last week’s Regional Review tells quite a remarkable story. If you live here or work here, the statistics ring true.

The North End remains one of Boston’s safest and relatively crime free neighborhoods, all things considered.

The crime report does not attempt to estimate the number of visitors coming here on a daily basis, or working here, or simply living here (although the recent census dealt with that).

Suffice to say, the North End is arguably the most densely populated neighborhood in Boston. Add to this the workforce population which numbers in the many thousands and add to this the number of tourists and visitors, diners and shoppers who come here everyday.

This number is inestimable and yet it is hard to imagine that there are less than a few million visitors to the North End  from year to year – meaning about 200,000 or so people visit here from month to month.

This being said, the recent report issued by the Boston Police Department reveals that 8 people were arrested in the North End during June, which was an especially busy month.

Three of those eight had outstanding warrants. The remainder of the arrests were for disturbing the peace, destruction of property, indecent exposure, urinating in public and for breaking car mirrors.

The Sovereign Bank was robbed on June 15.

A man was stabbed inside his home on Salem Street.

A couple of residences were broken into.

And that’s it.

Frankly, that is unbelievable!

In a place so heavily visited and so densely populated, it is miraculous that police statistics recently released show so little major crime and a relatively small amount of minor crime.

Kudos to the Boston Police Department and to all our residents and business owners who have all done such a great job of keeping a lid on crime.

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