NBSS/Eliot School Issues Still not Resolved

-By Phil Orlandella

A letter of support was sent to the Mayor, other elected officials, the Boston Finance Commission and the Boston Redevelopment Authority clearly indicating the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association’s concerns of the status of the Eliot School and the North Bennet Street School.

NBSS has on several occasions indicated that unless they can find a large facility to meet their classroom expansion needs, the school will be forced to move out of the North End. Two classes have already been relocated to Arlington.

The Eliot School is in dire need of additional classroom space to accommodate the need for local students to be able to attend the popular and well managed school located on Charter Street.

The letter signed by NEWRA President Stephanie Hogue indicates that some sort of solution needs to be made and soon at that.

The letter also contains the background and history of both schools and why they should remain in the community by expanding them into larger facilities.

One proposal suggested by NBSS is that the City make and even swap of the school and the old Printing Plant and in turn, the Eliot School could move to the North Bennet Street School building which already has classroom formats in place.

Reportedly, the Mayor, his staff and local officials have met to discuss the situation but nothing concrete has come out of those briefings.

NEWRA’s letter also requests a public meeting be held in the North End as soon as possible to discuss the dilemma that directly affects the community.

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