NEAA Fields Three Dodgers Traveling Teams

Three traveling baseball teams have been fielded in the RBI Inner City Baseball League by the North End Athletic Association for the 2011 season. All three teams carry the name Dodgers and are in three separate age brackets.

The Freshman Dodgers range from ages 13-14 and play a ten game regular season. The team is coached by Chuck Bilikas and Alfredo Vilar.

The Junior Dodgers are players 15-16 year olds and play a twelve game regular season. They are coached by Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Matthew Imbergamo.

The Senior Dodgers are players 17-18 year olds and participate in a twelve game regular season. They are coached by Ralph Martignetti and Vince DeNictolis.

Schedules, standings and other articles can be found on the league’s website Click the Dodgers tab up top for the Dodgers information.

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