Boston Bikes Peddles Lane in Neighborhood

By Phil Orlandella

Once again it was a low turnout of residents at a public meeting in the Nazzaro Community Center to hear a proposal by Boston Bikes to create a bike lane from the Greenway to Hull Street along Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Several other meetings produced very low attendance prompting NEWRA President Stephanie Hogue to suggest that Boston Transportation Department take the issue before the NEWRA and NEWNC for more community input. She also noted that taking parking spaces away from the community could raise some eyebrows.

Victor Brogna, co-chair of NEWRA Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee raised pedestrian safety questions. Matt Conti of had the same concerns and also suggested more neighborhood input before getting to the design stages. Several residents did express their support for the bike lane, especially cyclists.

Boston Bikes representatives made a 15-minute presentation on the proposed project and appeared interested in meeting with NEWRA and NEWNC to further discuss the potential of a bike lane.

Enforcement was also mentioned by some residents. They were told Boston Police will handle enforcement. At a recent public safety meeting Area A-1 Boston Police Commanding Officer Captain Bernard O’Rourke appeared to have no knowledge of a bike lane proposal but did support the idea.

Thus far the three local elected officials have not officially made any public comments on the issue.

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