Parcel 7&9 Development Progressing

A Parcel 7+9 Request for Proposal Advisory Committee meeting was held last week at the Mariners House, 11 North Square.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to advise the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) in the preparation of Requests for Proposals for the development and use of both parcels which abuts the North End neighborhood.

There are several North End/Waterfront residents that serve on the advisory board.

Most important among the agenda items is the discussion of massing and use of Parcel 9 which is the currently vacant triangular parcel bound by Hanover, North and Blackstone Streets and options for accommodating the Haymarket Pushcart vendors in the planning for the development of Parcels 7+9.

MassDOT and the Advisory Committee will present a summary of their work to date, including goals and expectations for both parcels, financial feasibility, two approaches for accommodating the Haymarket Pushcart Operations and height and massing for Parcel 9. The meeting was open for public comment.

“So far, the meetings have gone well,” John Romano MassDOT Municipal Liaison said. “Everything appears to be heading in the right direction and the advisory group has been instrumental in the progress made to date.”

Parcel 7 is located between Hanover Street and Sudbury Street in the City of Boston and currently houses Ventilation Building number 4 and a Parking Garage. Parcel 9 is located between John Fitzgerald Surface Road and Blackstone Street, adjacent to the Haymarket Pushcart Vendors in the City of Boston.

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