NEWNC Supports New Beer and Wine License

-By Phil Orlandella

NEWNC candidates gather outside the Nazzaro Center during community elections.

A request for a new 7-Day C.V. Malt and Wine License at Volle Nolle, 351 Hanover Street by owner Torri Crowell, was supported by the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council at their monthly meeting held at the Nazzaro Community Center.

Actually, the vote was 3-3 with NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli casting the tie breaking vote. The eatery has a 7am to 11pm operating license and the owner has no plans to change the current hours.

Crowell is a North End resident that lives in the same building that the restaurant is located in.

Several residents raised concerns about the owner getting a beer and wine license and like several other businesses the NEWNC have supported selling the license. Crowell claimed that she no intention of selling the license.

NEWNC member Anne Devlin Tagliafero suggested that the applicant agree to place a no sale agreement in her license application or make a good neighbor agreement not to sell the license. Her recommendation fell on deaf ears and wasn’t included in the motion.

Marie Simboli also a Council member asked the owner if a new license would help improve her business. As everyone in the room expected, the answer was yes.

The other agenda item was a request by the Fairmont Battery Wharf, 20-25 Battery Street to extend (amend) its C.V. 7-Day All Alcohol Beverage License closing hour from 10pm to 11pm at their outdoor patio.

By a vote of 4-2 vote the Council voted to support this request but opposed an outdoor patio entertainment license request by the Fairmont by a 6-0 vote.

The applicant was seeking to provide amplified music until 9pm with no more than four entertainers and outside taped music until 11pm.

General manager Matthew Sterne told the Council they have had one day permits over the past two summers and there have been no complaints.

Matt Conti was concerned that approval of the live entertainment license would set the stage for numerous other businesses seeking the same kind of license.

While Sterne claimed to have abutter’s support, one resident who identified himself as the Condo Association chairperson opposed the request because of the noise that will be generated, in his opinion.

Several residents and local neighborhood agencies spoke in favor of the Fairmont’s request.

Numerous North End residents spoke about the Eliot School’s need for more space and asked for NEWNC support.

The Council did not take a vote but offered their monthly meeting as a venue to update the neighborhood on any plans to secure space at the old Printing Plant on North Street.

There are two agencies involved in securing the city owned building.

North Bennet Street School would like to trade their facility for the Printing Building and work with residents to get the City to expand the school into the North Bennet Street property.

NBSS claims if they can’t find more space they will be forced to relocate outside of the North End.

The school has reportedly already moved two of their classes to Arlington because of lack of space.

While residents claim they don’t want to see NBSS move out of their neighborhood they expressed the need for the school to expand and would work with the school to develop some sort of a plan.

Council member Jorge Mendoza suggested that the neighborhood obtain first hand information from the Mayor’s Office about the City’s intent for the structure before any moves are made that could jeopardize NBSS plans or residents desires as well.

He called on residents to write letters expressing their goals and noted that the neighborhood attempt to get the City to put a hold on any plans to sell the building until the neighborhood has a chance to secure the structure or possibly build a new school somewhere in the community.

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association, at a recent meeting, voted to prepare and send a letter of support for NBSS plans for a building trade, according to President Stephanie Hogue.

Nicole Leo, Neighborhood Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office advised residents that a second meeting for a potential bike path on Commercial Street will be held on Monday, June 6 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

Leo noted that the first meeting only attracted three people who supported the idea. She said, “It’s important that residents attend the meeting and express their opinion on the issue.”

The monthly meeting was also used as venue for NEWNC candidates to attract voters for their election held this past Saturday.

Council member Donna Freni also a member of the Greenway Leadership Council gave an extensive update on what’s happen at this very popular public facility. She reported the following.

Georgia Murray is the new Chair of the Greenway Conservancy Board, replacing Peter Meade.

Ann Thorburg, the first Chair of the GLC, has stepped down after completing her 2 year term. Mike Cantalupa will serve as the Interim GLC Chair until the Mayor make his nomination for this position.

There will be 12 food vendors on the Greenway, most of them arriving at the end of the month. For further info on each vendor, please go to the Greenway website.

The Board is still working on establishing a Business Improvement District (BID) for the Greenway and reaching out to 166 businesses/abutters along the Greenway. This is in the preliminary stages of development and is a work in progress, so please stay tuned. They would contribute an assessment based on the assessed value of the property. By statue, need 60% of the 166 abutters participating. Has to be approved by the City Council Mayor. Time frame is the Fall of this year. Questions to be addressed is how the BID influences governance.

At GLC’s recent meeting with the Board, the establishment of art (both temporary and permanent) was discussed and is a priority for the Greenway. $50,000 has been raised and needs to get to $100,000 to start the process. Plan 3 art sculptures on Parcel 21 (South Channel) sometime in June 2011.

A public meeting regarding the carousel will be held at 185 Kneeland Street on Wednesday, May 18 from 5:30-7:30pm.

The Grand Opening of the Harbor Pavilion is scheduled for Thursday, June 11 at 11am.

The next NEWNC monthly meeting will be held on Monday, June 11 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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