Taste of the North End Benefits Community Programs

-By Phil Orlandella

Donato Frattarolli and the Taste of the North End have over the years supported North End non-profit agencies.

“Donato is one of the more generous people in the neighborhood along with many other business owners,” North End Against Drugs President John Romano said.

The Taste of the North End has also reached to these same agencies for many years as well.

NEAD has been one of the major benefactors of financial support raised at this popular neighborhood event that attracts hundreds of participants.

“Donato and the Taste of the North End have always supported community activities and events in the North End for as long as I can remember,” Romano said.

“NEAD has recently received a $3000 donation and we are one of several neighborhood agencies that have been supported by the Taste of the North End,” Romano noted.

Other local agencies that have also benefited from the famous food and wine event are: North End Music and Performing Arts Center, North End Athletic Association, ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center and the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Program to name a few.

Most recently, the North End Community Health Center has partnered with the Taste of the North End in order to secure funds for the Hanover Street facility.

“This is great,” Romano said. “Many of the neighborhood residents, especially the elderly, count on the affordable health care which the Center has provided for numerous years,” Romano pointed out.

This year’s Taste of the North End will be held at the Sterite Skating Rink on Commercial Street on Friday, May 6.

“North End Against Drugs Board of Directors will be at the event in full force to support this terrific community endeavor,” Romano said.

Romano encourages everyone to attend this special event which supports North End programs, activities and events.


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