Small Fry Basketball Season Ends

-By Phil Orlandella

While March Madness has taken over the basketball spotlight for the next month or so, a little bit of March Madness Basketball was played at the Nazzaro Community Center’s Small Fry Basketball League with its version of the final-four.

“A one game playoff for first place needed to be held before the match-ups could be made,” according to Center’s Director and coordinator of the popular league Carl Ameno.

The game was won by the Celtics 48-37 over the Knicks.

The league consisted of four teams that played a 12 game winter regular season with a two-game exhibition season for boys and girls.

“The season ran through the holidays, a couple of snow storms and two ski trips culminating in a frenzy of basketball fever for three straight days and nights,” Ameno said.

The final-four playoff games produced two overtime games including the championship game.

Everybody  came out  winners. To underscore that fact there will be no winning team championship jackets or MVP Award presented to either regular season or playoff teams.

“Each league participant can claim their award at the banquet on Sunday, April 10 at Filippo’s Restaurant with the size of the trophy relating to attendance,” Ameno said.

“This has been a tradition of the thirty-plus years that the Small Fry League has been in existence and it’s quite a site to see some of the smallest players in the league walk off with the biggest trophies,” Ameno added.

Those planning to attend the banquet should call Carl Ameno at 617-635-5166 or visit the Nazzaro Center.

There is no cost for the league participants but $20 for all others. Deadline is April 4.

Post Season Results: First Place Tie-Breaker-Celtics48-Knicks 37. Final Four: Celtics 43 Heat 32, Knicks 37 Blazers 35 (OT). Championship Game: Celtics 52 Knicks 48 (OT).

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