North End Student to Participate in Statewide Spelling Bee

Congratulation to Shona Ortiz, a 6th grade student at St. John School in the North End who will represent the neighborhood in a statewide Spelling Bee at Faneuil Hall. Shona is a member of the Nazzaro Community Center.

Once again the Nazzaro Community Center will be sending one of its members to the Statewide Spelling Bee being held at Faneuil Hall.

This year Shona Ortiz a sixth grade student at St. John School will do the honors with a chance to move onto the National Championship in Washington DC.

“This the first time in the past four years that the Center has been involved with this spelling bee competition that someone other than Ross Garrity has moved onto the next round, Ross aged out,” Center Director Carl Ameno said.

Shona came out on top in the final round which consisted of the winners in each age group, after capturing her round versus all other sixth graders.

“If Ross’ past performances are any indication of Shona’s future prospects, she may as well pack for Washington now,” Ameno said.

Ross represented Boston in DC two out of three years he participated in the competition.

“Shona is smart enough to know that simply showing up for the next round won’t be enough to get her to Washington,” Ameno said. “She’s already begun studying her words in preparation for her next competition,” Ameno added.

Shona is the daughter of Deirdre and Jose Ortiz who are very proud of her accomplishments so far in the competition.

Everyone at the Nazzaro Center, St. John School and her family and friends wish Shona “Good Luck”.

Anyone interested in supporting Shona during the next round should visit the Grand Hall at Faneuil Hall on Saturday, March 12 starting at 10am.

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