NEWRA Committee targets Gassy for repairs

One of the many goals being undertaken by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Parks and Open Spaces Committee is to document the history of DeFillippo Park (Gassy) on Prince Street and the ultimate renovation of the park for use by all residents of the neighborhood.

Committee Chair Anne M. Pistorio told the Review that the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department has indicated they plan to have community meetings to discuss the future of the park, however, no dates have been established yet.

The Review has contacted numerous community groups that claim they will support the NEWRA committee for the rehabilitation of the park.

In addition many Prince Street residents support repairing the park and making it accessible to more neighborhood activities for residents of all ages.

Currently the City has committed to repair a damaged and dangerous wall on Snow Hill Street.

The committee feels that a major overhaul and cleaning is needed. Also better lighting and an improved tot lot is needed. In addition the committee wants the drainage problem corrected.

Pistorio is calling for additional residents to attend the next committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

"The committee would like to hear from residents and learn what they think should happen in the Gassy and of course the committee would like them to join in on the quest to preserve this park for neighborhood use," Pistorio said.

A guide Map depicting all the public spaces in the North End/Waterfront community is still in the making by the committee.

Based on resident complaints and site visits, the committee has come to an opinion that there is too much street furniture in the North End.

"The streets have been cluttered with benches, flower barrels, newspaper dispensers and lunch boards making the sidewalks impassable," one committee member told the Review.

The committee is also looking into a Citizen Bank e-mail that appears to be offering some financial assistance to make a positive impact on the community through the bank’s community program.

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