Crime rises a little in North End

Boston Police Area A-1 Commanding Officer Bernard O’Rourke and Sergeant Tom Lema told residents at last week’s NEWNC Public Safety meeting that year to date there were 50 more crimes committed in the North End than last year.

However, the figure does not involve major crimes like homicide, armed robberies or rapes, of which there were none.

The biggest increase over the past 30 days were burglaries, aggravated assaults, robberies and one sexual assault that occurred on Salem Street, near Charter Street.

Reportedly, a women was followed into her hallway and a male touched her inappropriately when she screamed the culprit ran away.

Police checked videos in the general area but no images of the assailant were found. The attacker was described as a 25-30 year old stocky built male with black hair and a beard, wearing a Red Sox shirt and jeans with a dark complexion.

Police have increased patrols in the area.

Four burglaries took place the past 30 days, one on Salem Street, Commercial Street, Prince Street and North Street.

Police responded to a loud party at 94 Prince Street where it was reported that about 100 people were in attendance. Police said the person allegedly running the party was charging people to get into the party. He was given a citation and a warning and police broke up the loud event.

Sgt. Lema pointed out that the police had received forty-six 911 calls last month relating to loud parties, disturbances and other noise related activities.

Four assault and battery took place in the community one on Hanover Street, Cooper Street, Parmenter Street and Salem Street.

Police claim that over the last 30 days, ten arrests have been made, 156 moving violations were written and 341 parking tickets were issued.

One resident told police that following a recent Bruins game people pulled flowers out of window boxes and tossed a barrel on a vehicle causing damage.

Overall, crime in the area was a little higher than usual but police are beefing-up patrols.

The next Public Safety meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 2 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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