Rash of Break-ins to be Discussed at NEWNC Public Safety Meeting

Since the beginning of July 2010, District A-1 has been the scene of an increase in "Breaking and Entering" to North End/Waterfront homes and businesses according to Boston Police Sgt. Tom Lema.

Although not officially confirmed, many residents believe the break-ins are the work of drug users.

Break-ins and other crime related issues will be the topic of discussion at the next North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee monthly meeting in the Nazzaro Community Center on Thursday, September 2 at 6:30pm.

Sgt. Lema, Capt. Bernard O’Rourke and Officer Ted Boyle usually represent Boston Police Area A-1 at the neighborhood meeting.

Boston Police have prepared an advisory bulletin that recommends security measures to protect homes and businesses from break-ins.

"Providing information to Boston Police as soon as possible will go a long way toward curtailing the break-in problem and other crime situations occurring in the community," Sgt. Lema noted.

Anyone observing unusual activity should call 911 immediately and be prepared to give Boston Police as much information as possible.

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