“Viva Saint Agrippina” a must see for lovers of the North End

Christopher DiNunzio’s Viva Saint Agrippina is a compelling documentary which focuses on the stories of those who have felt moved by the saint.

It is a documentary detailing how the members of the Saint Agrippina Benefit Society, founded in 1914 in the North End, has been hosting the annual feast given in her name.

The documentary is being shown on Thursday, July 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Stuart Street Playhouse. Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

If you live in the North End, this is a must for your summer viewing – and more than that – it is a must for your understanding of what makes the North End such a unique place.

This isn’t just another one-dimensional documentary about an old-time North End tradition.

This is a thoughtful, insightful, multi-dimensional cinema verite effort at depicting the 3 day feast which takes place every summer, and which honors Saint Agrippina, who led a short and tragic life.

The film was shot entirely in the North End by Dinunzio, who knows the North End well.

In addition, as a young filmmaker, he brings to the genre of documentaries a very fresh eye, an unassuming eye that details what he is seeking to show through interviews with local people who reveal their devotion to the saint.

Viva Saint Agripinna takes you through the proceedings of the feast from pre-planning and behind the scenes to the lively 3-day event which takes place each year on the first weekend of August.

This is, again, a must see.

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